Odessa Young Spectator's Theater

Odessa Young Spectator's Theatre named afer Yuri Olesha was founded in 1930. Its core consisted of graduates of the Odessa Theatre School. The first artistic Director was the chief Director M. Molchanov and teacher S. Manuylovich.

In different years at the theatre worked National artist of Ukraine Julius Bozek and Henry Ostaszewski, honored artist of Ukraine Galina Ostashevskaya, acknowledged coryphaeus is the people's artist of Ukraine, laureate of National prize of Ukraine named after T.G. Shevchenko Andriy Gonchar. With him in the company presented honored artist of Ukraine E. Severina, I. Ohotnichenko, V. Gubsky and a number of experienced and young artists.

From 1986 to the last days of life (2011) the chief Director of youth theatre was a well-known master of theater and cinema, honored artist of Ukraine Vladimir Naumtsev. With him in the creative tandem worked  the current chief stage designer of the theatre — honored artist of Ukraine Mykola Vilcun.

Continued popularity within th young viewers have performances "Princess Pirlipat", " The Best Karlson", "Cat's house", etc.

The resounding success of the theatre brought the performance for adults "Potap Urlov". It is recognized as one of the best dramatic productions in the country and received wide international attention, being featured on television all over the world. For this work Vladimir Naumtsev, co-author of the stage version Eugene Zhenyn, scenographer Nikolai Vilcun and Andrew Gonchar were nominated for a prestigious International prize in Germany.

An important event not only for Odessa, but also for Ukraine was the project "Warsaw melody" with the permanent participation of popular stars of the theatre, film and television, honored artist of Russia Nonna Grishaeva.

Theatre was awarded on many International festivals.

The successes and achievements of recent years in the Odessa Young Spectator's Theatre is reasonably associated with the advent to the leadership of young and energetic Director Eugene Buber, a popular actor, who became a well-known manager in the field of culture and was awarded with the title "Honored artist of Ukraine".

The Odessa theatre was among the founders of the Association of children's theatres in Ukraine and its composition is successfully integrated into the European Association of children's theatres (headquarters – Zagreb, Croatia).

Representatives of all age categories are the audience of the Young Spectator's Theatre. In other words, we are talking about creating a symbiosis  of the Palace of theatre for children and the largest cultural centre for adults.

On the 6th of May, 2016 by decision of the session of Odessa City Council, the Young Spectator's Theatre named after the famous Odessa writer Yuri Olesha.