Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre

Odessa Regional Puppet Theater, one of the oldest puppet theaters in Ukraine, was founded in 1932. His disciple and associate Sergei Obraztsov - Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Jozef Aronovich Himmelfarb, headed it. He worked as the chief director of this theater for 40 years. Under his leadership, the Odessa Puppet Theater achieved significant creative success, marked at numerous reviews and festivals of puppet theaters.

At present, the theater is experiencing a new stage in its history, a special creative upsurge. In 2012, thanks to the efforts of the theater's director Joseph Merkovich, the Odessa Puppet celebrated its 80th anniversary on a new stage equipped with the latest audio and lighting technology in a beautiful building that delighted both children and adults. The theater has taken a course on a full update of the repertoire!

Over the past five years, the theater has made a breakthrough in creative terms, having carried out a number of resonant productions that have become major events in the cultural life of Odessa and appreciated at international theatrical festivals. The most dramatic reactions were received by the following productions: "Golden Chicken" by V.Orlov "Little Red Riding Hood" by S.Perro and "Three Little Pigs" staged by M.Yaremchuk (Kiev), V.Olshansky's "Thirteenth Star" and "Wolf and the Seven Goats" and "Cinderella" by S. Perro in the production of Y. Chaika, "Elephant" by R. Kipling - production of M. Uritsky (Kiev), "One hundred yens for service" B. Minoru - psychological clowning - staged by Honored Artist of Ukraine G. Skarga , "Paper" - the performance of A. Gorenshtein, "Interview with witches" - play-musical, theatrical performance-object in the production of E genius Kornyaga (Minsk). "Olesya. Mystification "A. Kuprin in the production of the famous Ukrainian director I. Uryvsky.

The new repertoire policy of the theater is developing in two directions: 1) performances for children - staging the best works of children's world classics; 2) author's theater - staging performances for adults, in the genre of the puppet theater, which have no analogues in any theater of the city. The theater seeks to find exciting topics and plots, to open for Odessa the creative personalities of talented directors and actors, each new work to delight and amaze true connoisseurs of theatrical art. Currently, the repertoire of the theater has more than 30 titles of plays created by works of Ukrainian and foreign authors, different in styles and genres, both for children and adults.