Theatre of brass music named after A. Salik

Odessa Municipal Theatre of brass music named after A. Salik was created by Odessa City Council in December 2003 as a public company. And began its functioning in 1993 as a Municipal brass band, the goals and objectives of which are aesthetic education of the citizens of our city, promoting the works of the world and Ukrainian classics, as well as the best examples of multinational musical culture of Odesa region.

One of the organizers of the collective, whose name in March 1999 was assigned to the theatre, was the people's artist of Ukraine Aleksandr Salik.

From the first days of its formation, thanks to the enthusiasm of managers and artists, the band has gained wide popularity among the brass music fans. The orchestra is a regular participant of solemn feasts, rites and festivals, and warmly responds to all significant events in the life of the city and region.

In the orchestra work qualified musicians - both talented youth and experienced veterans. The orchestra is able to carry out a variety of shapes and complexity of the works from the march and the waltz to the symphonies.

The main activities of the theatre: 

- holding events aimed to the aesthetic education of people of the city and region, especially the youth; 

- preparing concert programmes and conducting concerts; 

- organizing and conducting musical evenings; 

- performances on solemn holidays and festivals;

- participation in various events held in the city and region; 

- organization of tours; 

- participation in the development of musical and theatrical culture of Ukraine.

The theatre has its own building where situates the Directorate, an administrative office, specially equipped studio for carrying out rehearsals , conference hall (200 seats). Concerts are held both on its own stage, and in other city venues in the City garden, at the Dumskaya square, in parks and squares of Odessa.