Musical Comedy Theater

The genre of operetta has always appealed to Odessa and Odessites older than a certain age can tell about the full house performances of Musical Comedy when the theater was located at 48 Grecheskaya Str. There, the stage shone with the talent of Y. Dembskaya, M. Demina, I. Ivanova, Y. Dynov, V. Primenko, V. Aloin, L. Satosova, S. Krupnik, N. Bukharina. The distinguished master of operetta, Mikhail Vodyanoy, became a legend while he was still with us and he was the first in his genre to be awarded the grand title of 'People's artist of USSR'. Many of his roles became classics: Yashka the Tug, Mishka - Yaponchik, Popandopulo, Sancho Pansa, Tevie the milkman and others. Meanwhile, for many years, the 'White Acacia' play of I. Dunayevskiy became a visiting card of the theater and the melody from this play is still played in Odessa chimes.

In 1981 the theater moved to a new building that was especially designed for it by the architect G. Topuz.Odessa's favourite theater stage is not short of talent. Actors of various generations, like the Frolovs, Y. Osipov, the Zavgorodniye, O. Oganezova, I. Kovalskaya, A. Akhmatova, S. Lukashenko, P. Kolomiychuk, K. Turichenko and others have the charm, spirit and bright theatricality required to bring the genre alive.

Along with classic operettas the theater works with classic topics now found in musicals and rock-operas. Due to the famous producers from Saint-Petersburg (Odessites by origin) - G. Kovtun and V. Podgorodinskyy - such plays as "Romeo and Juliet", "The Canterville Ghost", "Don Sezar de Bazan", "Nameless Star", and "The First Love of Don Juan" have all been successfully staged in Odessa. The theater's repertoire also has family plays where visitors of all ages can view the magic of exciting stage performance.