The first circus building in Odessa appeared in 1857. Entrepreneur J. Godfroi built a rather primitive circus. Later there was a wooden one, under a canvas cover, then a stone one... In 1879, on the order of the famous rider and trainer A. Salamonsky, a building for 4,000 spectators was erected on Koblevskaya Street. However, it stood only ten years, after which it was dismantled. However, already on September 24, 1889, the Odessa Herald published a note: "Odessa, as you can see, is not destined to remain without a circus. The circus, as we are told, will belong to the homeowner V. Sanzenbacher, who owns a house on the corner of Koblevskaya and Torgovaya Streets. The construction of the circus will cost 70 thousand rubles. It will be built of stone, brick and iron. For 2000-odd viewers. Stables completely separate, for 60 horses, will be built of one iron. The circus will have steam heating".

The building was built of metal structures, designed and manufactured in Germany and assembled on rivets. That is why the circus is called "iron". However, the composition of the metal structures is unknown. It is known only that it does not rust and can not be welded.

The opening of the circus took place in January 1894.

In 1925, the Odessa Circus received the status of a state circus, which is preserved to this day.

Odessa circus is unique in that the distance from the arena to the dome is 22 m, although the standard is 18 m. Moreover, it is unique in that it is the oldest not only in the CIS, but also all over the world, because circuses anywhere except Russia and China, did not build. For circus performances, temporary disassembling booths were used, and under the circus they understood the troupe or view rather than the building.Architects: AE Shanes, K. K. Abt, L. L. Vlodek.