Holy Assumption Patriarchal Friary

The history of this monastery is associated with a tragic event that took place in the early 19th century. One night in the estate of a wealthy landowner Alexander Moldovan Teutula on the edge of the slope above the sea-shore someone made a fire. A small Greek ship directed to Odessa mistakenly thought that gleams of fire was a beacon of light changed the course and touched the ground. As a result several people died. Alexander Teutul, being a devout man, seriously suffering from the tragedy, in 1813 he decided to present his fantastic estate (two parts of 25 acres) to the Russian Orthodox Church. Soon at these lands appeard courtyard of Chisinau bishop and then - staff monastery. At the same time a large stone church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and the lighthouse were built here. In June 1, 1824 the monastery was claimed at the level of second-class .

But in less than hundred years  monastic property, valuables and shrines (even the communion cup ) would be confiscated to help the starving, and the church was blown up.

The revival of the monastery would begin only in 1944. And two years later, there would be Odessa Theological Seminary .

Today, the monastery church isa place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. In it, besides the shrine with wonderworking relics of Kuksha (the old man spent the rest of his life in the monastery, and after the reburial his incorruptible relics rested for some time in the monastery cemetery) there are the other holy things. This is the icon of the Mother of God "Milkgiver" brought to Odessa from Mount of Athos, the icon "Appearance of the Mother of God to St. Sergius of Radonezh " and the reliquary of St. Andrew Primordial being the patron saint of Odessa Theological Seminary.