Cathedral of the Assumption of Mother of God

First Church of the Assumption of  Old Believers Community appeared in Odessa in 1841. That same year, the Old Believers of Church of the Assumption reunited with the Orthodox Church, and the Church of the Assumption was called of Common Faith . And fourteen years later St. Innocent laid a new three-altar Assumption Temple (designed by architect L. Otton). Construction of the temple, the height of which, together with the bell tower was 56 meters, and the capacity - 5000 people, ended in 1869. At the end of the 19th century there served as a priest holy righteous Ioan of Odessa .

Since 1932, the Holy Assumption Cathedral becamethe cathedral church, as the former - Orthodox - was destroyed by the Soviet authorities.

In the late '30s Cathedral was closed as well as the other churches in Odessa, and during the war its central dome and part of the church building would be destroyed by the explosion of Nazi bombs. The lower church of the Cathedral reinstated in 1942.

Today, the Holy Assumption Cathedral is a favorite place of pilgrims. The faithful come here to pray before Kasperovskaya Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God - the patroness of Odessa. For the first time the icon was brought from the village Kasperovo in 1854. Then it saved the South Palmyra from the Anglo -Franco- Turkish fleet. And it was so : there was the Crimean War. The squadron of ships came to Odessa. At this time, in the Orthodoz Cathedral , citizens together with St. Innocent prayed to the Kasperovskaya Mother of God. They asked her to defend the city . Suddenly, the sea fell so foggy that enemy ships could not make a single shot.

In the lower church of the Holy Assumption Cathedral lies the relics of zealous pastor of 19-20 century - the righteous Ion,who had brought a lot of different ways of holiness. He had the gift of prophecy and healing of soul and body injuries. Some time in the cathedral there were the relics of St. Innocent : after his death, he was buried at Odessa Orthodox Cathedral. But after the Cathedral blew up, the coffin of Archbishop was sent to the cemetery of the Holy Assumption Monastery. In 1997, St. Innocent was glorified among the saints . At the same time holy and imperishable relics were transferred to the Holy Assumption Cathedral for public worship, where they remained until 2007, till their solemn religious procession was not transferred to the restored Orthodox Cathedral.