Cathedral of Holy Trinity

In 1795 in the newly renamed Odessa (from Khadjibei) were grounded the first four churches, one of them was "after the name of the Holy Trinity for the commoners of the Greek nation in Greek suburb ." Originally it was a wooden church and in June 29, 1804 the stone temple was built. The temple was built by the project of architect F. Frapolli and in spring of 1808 was solemnly consecrated . Thirty years later, the temple was expanded and was shaped in a cross in the Byzantine style with a single dome and a bell tower with a spire .

At the beginning of the 19th century Holy Trinity Church became the spiritual center of the Greek patriots who supported  the uprising  for independence of the people of Greece in 1821. Turkish authorities, who feared the influence of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Gregory V, executed him , and then threw the body into the sea. Russian sailors discovered the body of the martyred patriarch, brought it to Odessa, where it was buried with  honors at Holy Trinity ( Greek ) Church.

Outside the church, on the east side , were buried the Greek bishops  who died at different times, and the abbots of the temple. Inside the Greek Church have found tehir eternal rest : the south wall of the right aisle - the philanthropist of th templeTheodore Rodokonaki, at the north wall of the left aisle - the wife of Prince Constantine Ipsilanti - Elizabeth. In May 1907, near the eastern wall of the temple in a special annexe was buried a philanthropist and social activist, one of the most prominent members of the Greek community, an honorary citizen of the city of Odessa - Grigory Marazli .

The black line in the life of the church came with the beginning of the Bolshevik persecution of the Church : burials were looted, the Temple - was closed, and its building was turned into a gym. During the occupation by Nazi and Romanian invaders  Holy Trinity Church was opened, and after World War II began a new stage in its difficult history: in the church  dome and bell tower were demolished. In 1954, at the Holy Trinity ( Greek ) temple courtyard of the Patriarchate of Alexandria was established in the Russian Orthodox Church, which existed  to April 1, 1999 then it was moved from Odessa to Moscow, and of the Holy Trinity ( Greek ) Church returned to the status of the city  temple of Odessa diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was only in the mid 90-ies of XX century on the temple shone once again  a new dome and  bell tower .

In January 4, 2006 by the  blessing of His Eminence Agathangel Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Holy Trinity Church received a cathedral status .