Friary of St.Elias

At the end of the 19th century (in 1884 ) on the highest grace of Emperor Alexander III in Odessa was founded Compound of Russian  Athos Elias Skete . Pilgrims, whose way to the Holy Land and Athos ran through the South Palmyra  found there a shelter and various help . Six years later Compound expanded and began the construction of the church. Its first foundation stonewas laid by Archimandrite Gabriel himself. The five- headed church with a tall bell tower was built of brick,  brought by the brothers of Athos monastery in Constantinople and Crimea . Treasury of the church was the  list (copy) of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Milkgiver " which was brought from the Holy Mount Athos by Archimandrite Gabriel.

Here, in the St. EliasFriary there are miraculous relics of Saint Gabriel of Athos . Unusual story is connected with their appearance in the temple. In 1922, the Compound was abolished, the very same church continued to operate . Servants and church members claimed that they often heard from the basement strange the knocks of unknown origin. As many people knew that somewhere  in the crypt was buried  the St. Gabriel of  Athos by the blessing of Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agathangel in the early nineties the clergy of the church began to examine the basement and the walls. And then, 22nd of July 1994 , the search has finally been crowned with success: in the niche of the wall  a coffin with the relics of St. Gabriel of Athos was discovered. In the same year, Archimandrite Gabriel was canonized. From the first days after the discovery of the relics they show the miracles of healing, some of which were documented.