The Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael

In 1835, Governor-General Count Mikhail Vorontsov, in honor of his heavenly patron Archangel Michael built a temple on the outskirts of Odessa. And five years later a female convent was established at the church. At the monastery a hospital and a refectory for the poor were organized, a women's school for orphans was created.

In the twenties of the last century, black days came for the monastery: at first it was closed as a "counter-revolutionary" one, and then the cathedral and the bell tower were blown up. And only in 1942 the authorities of the occupied Odessa again transferred the premises of the monastery to the sisters of the monastery. But less than twenty years later, the monastery was closed again, and a city tuberculosis hospital was built on its territory.

The revival of the Archangel Michael Monastery began only in 1991. Slowly the monastery rose from the ruins: not only new buildings were built, old good traditions were reborn. The monastery opened workshops for sewing vestments, making utensils, restoring gold and beads, a charity house, a charitable refectory, accepting up to 500  poor people a day, and the opening of the museum "Christian Odessa" was timed to coincide with the 210th anniversary of Odessa.