Chabad Synagogue

Back in the 1820s, when under the  Jewish community of Odessa was established the Charity Association  Malbish Arinim ("he, who gives clothes to the naked") to provide the poor members of the community with the clothes. Since the second half of the XIX century, the Association Malbish Arin and  synagogue of tailors was situated in a specially built for them  one-story building. After 1920 the synagogue was closed, and the "Association" was liquidated. The building had a warehouses. In 1992 the building was returned to the community. Now the building houses a synagogue in Beit Chabad and the board of the Odessa religious community Shomrey Shabbos , editor's house of the weekly newspaper of the same name and a kitchen to prepare kosher food. In 1997 - 1998 due to the efforts of Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Odessa region Yishai Gisser a complete reconstruction of the synagogue was made .