Brodskaya Synagogue

One of Odessa's architectural monuments is considered the building of the State Archives of Odessa region, which is known to all Odessa citizens as the former Brodskaya Synagogue.

This building was built in 1840 and there was opened the first Russian reformed Choral Synagogue. As it is well known, merchant Abraham Brodsky settled in Odessa in 1858, where he lived long time in his father's countrymen - Galician, or as they were called Brodsky Jews. They formed here numerous and rich community and built a synagogue in the city center, on the corner of Pochtovaya and the Italian streets, as they were called current Zhukovskaya and Pushkinskaya.

In 1909 in Brodsky synagogue the first in Russia organ was located. The services had a high level of musical culture through the choir, cantors (Hazzan, H. Blumenthal, P. Minkowski), composer J. Nowakowski.