Thai SPA Devarana

“Royal Thai SPA-massage” is an unforgettable, pleasant gift, which will restore the peace of mind, physical strength and sense of inner harmony.

Thai massage, along with herbal treatment and meditation, is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. It differs markedly from the massage the Europeans are used to. His techniques, even the simplest ones, combine pressure, stretching and twisting – that is, a systemic influence on the body. Therefore, instead of the word “massage”, the phrase “Thai medical system” is more appropriate.

Real masters of their craft will perform unique SPA-procedures that will give you a lot of positive emotions: you will find a ritual and sensuality, a special state of renewal and weightlessness of the body, strengthening strength of mind and health... And most importantly – unearthly pleasure! Eastern atmosphere of the salon with melodic ethnic music, muted light and oriental flavors will help to relax and get rid of life's problems. After the massage over a cup of green tea, you will feel the flow of vitality and pleasant emotions.