SPA-Salon Bali

SPA “Bali” is a unique and only spa of Balinese massage in Odesa. Only here you can enjoy wonderful massages made by professionally qualified therapists from Bali.
SPA “Bali” offers you best royal Indonesian treatments ever for your beauty, health and relaxation.

SPA-programs various will increase body tone, take away excess liquid and symptoms of heavy legs, moisturize skin and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

Old traditions of Balinese SPA route from ancient Eastern concepts of harmony of body and spirit, according to which there is a tight connection between the appearance of the man and his relations with the outside world. For many centuries, the Balinese have been cherished ancient recipes of preserving youth and beauty, previously available to royal members only.

You will feel the spirit of the islands all around – you will be pleased with colorful ocean fish and live coral, relaxing traditional Balinese music, even furniture and interior is of Balinese origin.

The design of each room is made in its unique style, and you can choose the one that you like.

High-quality service and magical hands of therapists will certainly please you; you will forget about all your problems and urgent matters and plunge into the world of bliss and harmony.