Beauty SPA Recreation Sayuri

Today, people constantly feel heavy loads from intense rhythm and wrong way of life, bad ecology, a lot of stresses, an excess of information. This condition leads to a weakening of the body's protective functions and, as a result, to various diseases: deterioration of the skin, internal organs, hair, increased excitability, irritability, sleep disturbances and other important functions.

It is known that systematic bath procedures help to remove toxins from the body, restore muscles, and relax and much more. There are many bathing traditions, in the Sayuri SPA salon you will choose what you like.

The russian bath is one of the most popular. Its special steam is good for respiratory and skin cleansing.

Fans of oriental style will appreciate the Turkish bath. In it, you can not only escape from the hustle and bustle, but also look into the rich tradition of Ottoman civilization.

To fully enjoy the rest, you can turn to the help of a professional bathhouse attendant, choose fragrant brooms to create a unique sauna atmosphere, massage, and treat yourself to SPA-procedures. In between the visits to the steam room at your disposal a relaxation room with a pool and hydro massage.