Sanatorium V. Chkalov

Discover the “pearl” of the South of Ukraine – Odesa and one of its outstanding sights – the clinical sanatorium. V.P. Chkalov.

It is located on the French Boulevard, in the Arcadia resort area of the city, on the Black Sea coast. The buildings of the sanatorium are located in a beautiful medical park (it covers an area of about 18 hectares) with many relict trees, bushes, flowers.

Sanatorium is multi-profile, deployed for 430 people year-round maintenance. For treatment and rest, adults and parents with children aged from 4 to 14 years are accepted. Chambers with a view of the sea, three meals a day (for children - 4-5 times a day), round-the-clock supervision of qualified medical personnel. In the sanatorium, there are therapeutic and diagnostic, balneo-physiotherapy, therapeutic and pediatric departments.

The sanatorium provides sanatorium treatment for patients with skin diseases, oncological diseases, diseases of the nervous system and cardiovascular system and concomitant diseases.

Infrastructure: the sanatorium has at its disposal a wonderful medical beach. On the territory, there are a bar, library, club, tennis courts, and Russian sauna. On the seacoast, there are a restaurant and bars, a fitness room.

Highly qualified specialists work in the sanatorium. Doctors of the sanatorium participate in the program of detoxification of the body using intestinal irrigation on the apparatus “Gidrokolon”, microclysters, drinking mineral waters, etc.

In the scientific and methodical center of the sanatorium, together with the chair of physiotherapy and family medicine of the Odessa Medical University, a number of unique methods of restorative treatment have been developed, which are put into practice.