Rooms on the street Bogdan Khmelnitsky 15/19:

"Stalker: the mystery of Pripyat" - (requires knowledge of the Russian language) - The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 occurred due to experiments in a secret laboratory disguised as an ordinary apartment in Pripyat. Check if this is true and at the same time... save the world from another atomic catastrophe!

"Hostages of the game" - (some puzzles in Russian) - you are already difficult to surprise with something in this life. Friends give you a game and you reluctantly agree. Who would have thought that it would go so far and cease to be a Game... In order to get out of it... from what it turned into, you will have to... reach the end! Are you capable of this and is there anyway completion of what started?

"Train of Happiness" - (knowledge of the Russian language is not required) - The train is ready to deliver happiness to all people on the planet, that's just can not go! Help to run it so that people around the world become happy!

"Phantom" - (requires knowledge of the Russian language) — One of the most powerful corporations in the world — "SygmaCorp." It is developing a superman capable of penetrating into the underside of our world - the otherworldly reality. Dissatisfied with developments, activists enter into armed confrontation with the corporation. And you... You just sit in the bar... until in the most incomprehensible way you find yourself in the thick of things. To get out of the trouble quickly or to bring the experiment that you started to the end - the choice and the way of its implementation is yours!

"Knights of a cold heart" - (some riddles in Russian) - In the kingdom of Erendel reigns eternal winter again. Blizzards and snowstorms tortured the once-happy residents of the country, and Elsa and her friends, alas, were powerless before the new witchcraft. You - a detachment of brave knights and magicians, designed to unravel the imposed charms and stop the power of the cold. Are you ready to challenge magic and natural forces?

Rooms on the street Evreiskaya 7:

"Alice in Wonderland" - (most puzzles in Russian) - Are you ready to test how deep the rabbit hole is? Stand on the chessboard and reach the eighth horizontal line? Find a sharp sword, kill Barmaglot and save yourself and the land of Wonders?

"The Fifth Element" - (requires knowledge of the Russian language) - What if the hero is not there and save the world is still needed? You have to become heroes! Become a worthy replacement for the legendary major, his beautiful Lilu, and save the Earth from imminent death!

Rooms on the street Staroportofrankovskaya 85:

"Odessa smuggles" - (some puzzles in Russian) - The office of a brokerage firm on Staroportofrankovskaya street keeps ancient legends about smugglers of the times of Porto-Franco: about secret rooms and passageways, caches with money and jewels. Is there an office of smugglers of the 19th century? Are the legends true? In order to find out the answers to all these questions, you have exactly one hour.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" - (requires knowledge of the Russian language) - Captain Jack Sparrow is captured by his ship, which is spelled. In an hour it starts to work on all who are on board. Save the "Black Pearl" and its captain for the allotted time, otherwise the curse "imprisonment for the century" will spread to you!

Rooms on the street Gogol 10:

"Museum Performance Atelier" - (knowledge of Russian is not required) - Regular visit to an unusual museum. The guide tells the story of the maniac so brightly, as if opening the door to those ancient times... Open the door... The door that slams behind you, turning you into the participants of the story you just heard. How to get out of the story in which we got? Try to survive it! Try to survive...

"Atelier - 2" - (no knowledge of Russian is required) - you never thought about what is happening in the room, after there was a city prison, a torture chamber, an old laboratory that conducts experiments on people, or, perhaps, lair maniac, disguised as a museum ... Dare you enter this museum, even if the owner there has changed?

Room on the street Staroportofrankovskaya 101:

"The illusion of deceit" - (some riddles in Russian) - Open the doors with the power of thought? Causing objects to appear in space directly from the air? In a bank robbery? All this can be done by someone else, but not by you? All this can be done by you and no one else! Come make sure of your own abilities.

Room on the street Pushkinskaya 44:

"Masonic conspiracy" - (some puzzles in Russian) - Ancient Masonic artifact "Deribas's Hammer", which for many years helped the city, is now idle. According to rumors, the Masonic conspiracy is the cause of this. But are you ready to believe the rumors? Are you ready to help Odessa?

Room on the street Bolshaya Arnautskaya 59:

"Ocean's New Friends" - (some riddles in Russian) - Dennis Ocean's new goal is a map that ... opens all the doors. But how to get into the casino storehouse, in which each friend already has a "case" and security catches them long before approaching the casino? We need new friends! Are you ready to make friends with Ocean?

Room on the street Malaya Arnautskaya 84:

"Smart Room" - (requires knowledge of the Russian language) - Invented by an engineer Savoy automobile engine, running on oxygen, immediately attracts the attention of oil magnates. The engineer and all the drawings disappear. But the secret is not so securely hidden. You have the opportunity to restore the invention of the century, but the time for it is only an hour.

Rooms on the street Generala Petrova 9:

"Puppeteer" - The master who has settled in a small town of puppetry makes amazing dolls. Everyone is happy to acquire his masterpieces until... the dolls begin to disappear, and after them their masters. Are you ready to wait, when your doll is gone, and behind it you yourself or will you go into the house to the puppeteer to understand everything yourself?

"The Lord of the Rings" - (some puzzles in Russian) - The greatest enemy of the Free peoples of the Middle Earth — Sauron — secretly forged in the fire of the Rock of Death One Ring, with which he intends to enslave everyone. You can save the Sredezemye only you - a group of brave hobbits. Walk the path full of dangers, destroy the One Ring in the mouth of the Fatal Mountain and give the world a Sredezem.

Room on the street Pushkinskaya 19:

"Witch hunters" - (some puzzles in Russian) — There are a couple of cloaks and guns left from the next witch hunters, and the Witch continues his dark business — kidnapping children, luring them into the Gingerbread house. You are travelers who have traveled to these places. Can you save the children? Will the Witch be destroyed or will someone else soon walk in your cloaks?

Room on the street Bazarnaya 26:

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - (some riddles in Russian) — The great culinary and inventor Willy Wonka offers you his new invention — teleportation to the TV. Are you ready to bypass the secret signaling in Willy Wonka's personal storehouse, find a way to start the teleport, go to the TV and see first hand what "no gravity" means? And this is all under the close attention of invisible umpa-lumpes. ATTENTION! The quest is designed for both adult teams and children's ones (there are 2 difficulty levels)!