Room: "Bandit Odessa" - What do you say for Odessa?Odessa does know what she is talking about. Mishka Yaponchik, gentlemen Kotovsky and Gersh are waiting for you with urgent impatience for a business serious conversation. And do not make nerves, for Odessa in the 19th century such a meeting is a common thing. Things must be decided, they will not be solved by themselves! And who, if not to you, a respected person, take part in the solution of such important issues for your city? But you should not relax, either. Do not forget who you are dealing with.They, of course, people are respected and authoritative, however, you are not a ruddy schoolgirl with bows. And the level of issues brought to the table requires increased attention on your part. The colorful quest Bandit Odessa will take you to the troubled Odessa of the 19th century. The stylish entourage, interesting logical tasks and an exclusive method of getting tips will surely give you unforgettable impressions and excellent mood. Quest room Bandit Odessa is ready to open its doors for a team of players from two to four people. Quest Bandit Odessa is designed for one hour, and during this time you will need to solve all the tasks assigned to you and solve all the puzzles you have come up with. And this will require: concentration of attention, logical thinking, quickness in decision-making and in the search for answers. In addition, in Quest Banditskaya Odessa, you will simply need the support of the whole team - it is necessary to act together.