The network of children's entertainment complexes Colorito

Each game park Colorito is a game center with individual design and entertainment program. However, they all share one thing - the desire to cheer, gladden and make happy each child. Therefore, it is not surprising that visiting an amusement park from the network; you will want to visit others.

Luna-park “Extreme” in Luzanovka

Where to rest in the summer? Of course, rest on the shore of the Black Sea! Especially if this free time, you spend in the amusement park “Extreme” on one of the most popular beaches of Odessa with the biggest coastline. There are attractions designed for children of all ages, and adults will have the opportunity to get a boost of adrenaline.

Attractions: trains, carousels, laughter rooms and many other entertainments.

Igropark on Glushko Avenue

Parents love in Odessa an amusement park on Glushko Avenue because it is in the green zone. In addition, this means that for at least several hours their children will be in the open air. After playing, you can have a delicious snack in the nearby cafes and restaurants, where there is a children's menu.

Attractions: the largest trampoline arena in the city, shooting range, autodrome, rope, slot machines, swings and carousels.

Luna Park in Gorky Park

Not only the residents of the district visit this park, but also visitors come from other parts of the city with pleasure. Moreover, where else can you spend the weekend, as in none of the greenest parks in the city? The territory of the game park is completely enclosed, to the roadway far away, and inside – many attractions and other entertainments.

Attractions: Spider-Man, Autodrome, shooting range, rope, water boats, swings and carousels, a win-win lottery.

Game Park “City Center Kotovsky”

Residents of the Kotovsky district do not imagine a family holiday without visiting the Colorito Game Park. This is a whole world of exciting attractions not only for kids, but also for adults. This is the best place for family holidays and gatherings with friends.

Attractions: laser club, trampoline arena with a maze, game attractions, karaoke.