2 auditoriums (Red and Blue).

Both rooms are equipped with air conditioning system, which allows you to maintain the required temperature at any time of the year.

Projection equipment

In the blue room cinema projector set a new German company «KINOTON» to rewind device and the cleaning system of the American film company «KINETRONICS». Screen size 7х17 m. In addition, the projector is set «BARCO» (used for videoanonsov) with a maximum resolution 1184х886.

In the red room cinema projector set a new American company «CHRISTIE» in which a light source is a xenon lamp.Rewind device («CHRISTIE») allows you to show the film without stopping and without transition from the post of the post. The projection is carried out on a perforated screen size 4x10 m.

Sound equipment

Sound complex sound design lets you play movies, registered in Dolby Digital-EX, Doldy Digital, Dolby Surround, Stereo, Mono format, and includes the following components:

- A modern fully functional processing «Dolby Cinema Processor CP650», which allows to process and switch signals from digital and analog heads installed in cinema projectors from a single six-channel source and two stereo channels;
- 3 crossover of the company «Electro Voice»;
- 5-channel mixer of the company «Shure»;
- 13 amps sound of the company «Electro Voice»;
- The monitoring system of the company «Smart»;
- Acoustic system by «Electro Voice», consisting of: 3 behind screen tri-band speakers, 24-speaker surround and 8 subwoofers;

- Processor «Dolby Digital», processing digital information being in mezhperforatsionnom overlap of film, shot with a digital head «Dolby Soundhead»;
- Sound processor company «Panastereo», which allows to process the signals and to switch from 3 sources, six-channel and 5-stereo format Dolby Surround;- Sound processor environment «Circle Surround-EX» company «SMART», to create the effect of presence in columns environment;
- 7 audio amplifiers firms «Panastereo» and «ASHLY»;
- The monitoring system of the company «SMART»;
- Acoustic system from «SMART», consisting of 3 zaekrannyh speakers, 16 speakers surround and 2 subwoofers.