Release Movie Quests


"RELEASE OF THE BEAUTIFUL MIND" (14, Pushkinska str) - An ambitious mathematician, whose inquisitive mind has an addiction to combinations of letters and numbers, works on secret services. His intellectual abilities border on insanity. But there is no time to take care of health… Several missiles of mass destruction has already directed toward the USA. Fortunately, Nash managed to intercept an encryption with the data… There is only one hour to sort it all out!       

"The exam" (18, Karetny lane) - You are passsng an interview to the largest corporation, and from the coveted position you are separated by the last test. To pass the exam, you need to give only one answer. It remains to learn the question...

"Escape from Shawshank" (18, Karetny lane) - You are sentenced to two life imprisonments and, apparently, you spend the rest of your life behind bars. However, some people can not be held in captivity. With each year spent in prison, your escape plan is getting trickier.