Rooms on the 9, Sadovaya street:

"Black Room" - In this room you will especially need: hearing, touch, smell, taste. The game will go in complete and absolute darkness.

"The Secret Chamber" - He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named again threatens the world of wizards. It's time to pick up the magic wand and start the last battle.

Rooms on the 13, Sadovaya street:

"The circus" - Adventure in the circus arena will be fascinating to horror.

"Detective Bureau" — Detective-Noir — this is an automatic weapon of Thompson, hidden under a cloak. This is a fatal beauty, needing help. These are sinister secrets that will certainly be revealed. "This is what dreams are made of." Enter the office of Detective Tony Giuliani and find out why he so suddenly disappeared from the city. We recommend starting acquaintance with escape-rums, namely with the "Detective Bureau".

Room on the 125, Uspenska street:

"The robbery in Japanese" - Try the new format: now you need not just get out of the room, but also take out as much prey as possible. We'll rob the yakuza together!

Rooms in 9, Shampanski lane:

Cinema "Nosferatu" - Have you ever wondered why there is darkness in the developing rooms and cinemas? The thing is that the world of cinematography is controlled by those who do not reflect on the film. Find the strength to open the door that leads to the cinema "Nosferatu" and bring the priceless Heart of Darkness.

"Titanic" - Welcome on board of the famous cruise liner "Titanic"! There is a fifth day of transatlantic travel, and the task for you is to steal the "Heart of the Ocean", but suddenly you meet an iceberg on your way. Try to finish your business, saving your life.

Room on the 5a, Seminarska street:

"BreakingBad" - The creation of this room inspired us with the show "Breaking Bad". You do not need a ticket to New Mexico and a deep knowledge of chemistry to produce a crystal clear blue met. Are you ready to start "Breaking Bad"?

Room in 5, Vorontsovsky lane:

"Mad Max" - Is it possible to remain normal if the whole World is crazy? And how insane is a man capable of surviving in a universe where civilization itself did not survive? In the universe filled with only hot sand and rusty reminders of former glory. In a place where a sip of water is valued above human life. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of post-apocalypse for just one hour, and your answers to these questions will no longer be unfounded.