Luna Park Odesa

Inexpressible feelings, happiness, sparkling in the eyes and joyful stories – that is what adults remember about visiting the amusement park as a child. It is the feeling, that remembered for life, your children can get Odessa's amusement park. Every adult visitor will surely be happy to ride on well-known attractions from childhood and new attractions.

Luna Park is equipped with the latest technology. There are electric cars, children's carousels, fun labyrinths and other attractions for kids. In addition, funny clowns, mimes, colorful characters from their favorite cartoons and other funny characters will entertain the youngest kids. The most interesting entertainments are presented also for older children and for their parents. There are roller coasters whose dashing turns make you experience a real adrenaline rush. The room of fear will tickle your nerves, and all other attractions, such as Bomber, will allow you to test your own strength, agility, accuracy and ingenuity.

A real attraction of the park is the South Palmyra Ferris Wheel, which has no analogues in all Ukraine. All rides are safe and are regularly tested.

This free time will be remembered forever for children and adults!