"Underground Laboratory" - At first, you do not understand where you are, because there are very strange devices around, utensils, some cages... But then you understand that all this is very similar to the laboratory, only not to the usual, then creepy experimental subjects, incomprehensible devices. Do not need to find out why you are here, since one thing is clear - it is dangerous in this laboratory. In order to quickly leave this terrible place, you need to try to experiment with the reagents, and are not afraid to take risks. If all problems are solved correctly, you have a chance to go free and not become another experimental creature of a mad doctor.

"Room of the NKVD" - In the first minutes you do not understand what is happening, because everywhere is the total darkness. But then the light turns on, and you see that around the cell with the prisoners, and you yourself are also a prisoner. You are dressed accordingly in vests, but the worst thing is that you are not alone in the cell. Your neighbor-prisoner is a serial killer, who should soon return from the punishment cell. Therefore, before he comes, it is desirable to get out of prison as soon as possible. On the escape you have 1 hour. Connect your wit, logic and mind, and leave this eerie place.

"Chamber №6" - This location differs from all the others in that you will need to understand exactly in one hour, in what reality the actions take place: by an existing or imaginary imagination. The place where you and the team are going to be is psychiatric # 16. According to legend, within its walls was once a famous businessman who was here for mysterious reasons. But still he got here, because he was sick or was his madness connected with finding himself in this terrible place? You will need to find out and try to get out of this terrible place, as a businessman did, or maybe he did not...

"Clown House" - For many, the circus has been associated with a holiday, fun, trained animals and conjurers since childhood. But this holiday does not last long. And it will not be until laughter, after you are trapped in this place at night. It would seem that there has been a spectacular performance recently, but now you will need to try to save your life, because cells with lions will soon open... You will not have more than 60 minutes to escape. In this location you need to apply your logic, mindfulness and ingenuity. And the most important point is that without team cohesion, you can not get out of the circus.

"Darkness" — you open the door to the room, and behind it — the pitch darkness, you can not see anyone and nothing. Here you have to trust only your ears. Someone from the team will follow the monitor and prompt to help you get out of this eerie place. In this location you need to connect your imagination, wit and ear. However, you must be in time to save not only yourself, but also someone else...

«1408» - Hotel 'Dolphin' invites you to stay in any of our luxury rooms. Except one... The last guest of this room was Michael Anslin - the writer of novels about mysticism. Very soon the reservation on the site will open, and you will be able to feel everything that he felt. Mysterious number 1408... What is happening in it is very chaotic and difficult to explain. During the existence of the hotel: three crashed, two killed themselves, four hanged themselves and as much poison... Are you still ready to go inside?