The culmination is an excellent idea for holding corporate or team building, unforgettable birthdays and bright children's holidays.

The main mission of the quests Culmination is to immerse people in an extreme atmosphere in order to give vent to their true feelings, to allow them to experience their character and defeat their own fears.


«Paranormal Activity» (1/3, Gogolia str) - April 27, 2016, in a small town in the county of Hampshire in the South of England for unexplained reasons, the enigmatic disappearance of the Flanagan family occurred. Local sheriff Gregory Davenport conducted an inspection of their house, as a result of which no traces were found. In the course of the survey of neighbors it was found out that lately the owners of the house complained about power fluctuations, inexplicable sounds and strange behavior of domestic animals. Turning to the city archive, it was possible to find out that the previous owners of the house on Irving Road 21 also disappeared for unexplained reasons. Of course, you do not believe in superstitious rumors. There must be some completely explainable reason. Do you decide to visit the house on Irving Road, conduct your own investigation and prove that there is nothing supernatural in these disappearances? However...

«Mirrors» (5/3, Bazarna str) - In 1912, a boarding school for girls, Bennet, was opened on the outskirts of New York. The school trained 120 girls from noble families. Five years later the school was closed due to terrible events: one of the pupils Ketty Metus was found killed in a strange room with a sign "H-212C". During the investigation it was found that she was pregnant, but the girl's child was never found. The pregnancy of the girl was quite frightening, since the teachers in the school were originally women. After 100 years, the school decided to reopen it for training, but a month later, as in a neglected wing, a badly burned corpse of a student was found. Eyewitnesses claimed that the girl seemed to burn from the inside, and along the corridors haunted the ghost of Ketty looking for her child. Your team is a group of adventurers who decided to find out what happened a century ago at this school and to investigate the girl's recent death.

«American Horror Story» (11, Kanatnaya str) - New Orleans, 1904, not far from the St. Louis cemetery, the disappearance of the local undertaker and alchemist next to which was the house, which was a coven of witches for several centuries. Rumors say that this was the house of the supreme witch, who every 13 years on the day of the solstice gathered a sabbath. On the eve of the sabbath, people constantly disappeared. Only the most courageous inhabitants united and decided to put an end to this. You crossed the threshold of this house and until midnight left a little less than an hour...