Bermuda Quest

Bermuda-quest is a young, united creative team, whose work is aimed exclusively at the result! For us, the result is your emotions, your mood, your unusual and interesting leisure time! Your perfect vacation!

Rooms on the street Deribasovskaya 33 "Passage":

"Shelter performance" - The Town of Heplin in Minnesota gives the impression of a very quiet and peaceful place, quite an ordinary provincial town. Until you learn about the sensational story of the distant, 1927... Stories of a gloomy children's shelter, located on the shore and holding a terrible secret. The secret of the brutal mockery of the teacher over her pupils and the painful and long death. What are these rumors based on? On mysticism? Or are these real, long-past events forced to reconsider their attitude to this place? Was human cruelty the cause or insanity? You probably all this would seem simply a fetus of someone's morbid imagination, if... If you did not find yourself in this orphanage in the midst of frightening events. On the calendar March 3, 1927, on the clock 23:49. Shelter for the orphans of the city of Heplin... And you... "One, two, three, and, well, stop!" ... The game started...

"Clinical death" - Clinical death is a reversible stage of dying, a transitional period between life and death. At this stage, the activity of the heart and breathing stops, all external signs of the vital activity of the body completely disappear... Noone knows what horrors the human soul experiences during a clinical death, and through which it has to go to find the way back to the body... "they are dead... We could not save them... The time of death 16:32... "

"The Last Game" - Here you will not see the description for this quest, because from there nobody has ever managed to get out and tell what is happening... Just come and feel all that others felt left there forever.. .

Room on the street Malinovskaya 132a:

"The Cursed House" - October 1974, the happy Macgregor family, their son Roy and daughter Lizi move to their new home in the quiet place of Amitivil. A green town, a huge house full of happiness and sonorous laughter. It would seem that it could be better... However, on November 23, 1974, the entire McGregory family was found killed in the house. The reasons are not established to this day. You - the first tenants of the house after that terrible tragedy, and you have to find out what really happened and why the neighbors look at you with horror in their eyes. Do they believe in local legends about the curse that lies on the house? Nonsense... However, the residents of the town claim that children's laughter is still heard from every corner of the house.

Room on the street Staroportofranskovskaya 22:

"Lucifer" - The devil left the hell to retire and now helps on the ground to the police to catch criminals. It's not that a sense of justice awakens in him - just after catching the criminals, he continues to supply their souls to Hell. Today you have become random suspects, but he is sure of your guilt and will come to take souls from your bodies. Hurry to get out! In an hour your souls will be impossible to save!

Room on the street Cordonay 25:

"Astral (house)" - Quest House "Astral" based on the legendary horror film, ready to open the doors of the cooling spirit of the ancient house. You will find yourself in the epicenter of the paranormal events that will make you forget about reality. Your only goal is to survive! The only goal of the house is not to let you go...

Room on the street Prokhorovskaya 39:

"Time" - Near future... 2058, people do not age after 25 years, a minute of life costs money, you earn time, you waste time, everything in this world is now measured by the price of time... Death comes when your watch stops... You wake up in the morning and see on your hand no more than an hour... Your life is a constant struggle for minutes... We will give you a chance to fix everything or lose everything to the last fraction of a second. Your goal is to take out as much as possible of the time from the city of the rich "New Greenwich".

Rooms on the street Pushkinskaya 33:

"Hogwarts" - Introduce yourselve to students of the school of magic. Plunge into the enigmatic world of Harry Potter... Collect the suitcases and get a ticket to Hogwarts Express, finally get to the Great Hall of Hogwarts, where the fairy tale begins... For us it's not just a quest. It's a magical story that will come to life before your eyes, it's not just a cut from Harry Potter, it's a whole fairy-tale world of Hogwarts with its secrets, its scale and grandeur, it's 250m2 of magic brought from childhood, when you first opened the book...

"Hogwarts 2: Mystery of Volan de Mort" - Once you got here, I already knew that youhavegreatmagical abilities! Here comes the second year of training at the school of magic and magic of Hogwarts, but the daily newspaper is filled with terrifying rumors about the return of the dark Lord... The Ministry of Magic denies everything as usual, but Dumbledore left me a message for you, he certainly knows more than any of us...