Roerich House-Museum

One of six museums in the world dedicated to the arts of the Rerikh family is located in our city. Reproductions of the Rerikh father and son, originals of the works of the student and the followers of Rerikh make up the basis of this museum’s collection (the original works of Nikolay Rerikh are placed in Odessa’s Arts Museum on Sophievskaya street).

The memorial estate organizes regular exhibitions of modern Ukrainian and Russian artists, working in realistic and esoteric styles. The activity of the memorial estate is similar to the activity of a cultural center.

Often concerts, book presentations, lectures on history, culture, esotericism and conferences dedicated to the Rerikh arts, and learning the "Live ethics" take place here. Due its large quantity of educational and cultural programs, it’s better for those who want to visit the Memorial estate to call beforehand and make sure that the museum and the exhibition hall are open for visitors.