House with One Wall

The House with One Wall is the most unusual building in Odesa, its architectural highlight gathers crowds of tourists throughout the year.

If you observe the house from the front side, it seems to be the usual old building with fine hammered balconies, original cornices and stucco work on its walls; it doesn’t differ much from the rest of the edifices of the Odesa historical part. But if you look at it at the certain angle, the house will present a new image of itself – it gives an impression of being completely flat, consisting only from the facade wall.

This interesting visual effect is caused by an unusual architecture of the edifice. It does not have the back wall and lateral ones are adjacent to the main facade at an acute angle, therefore the building has triangular structure. Because of this architectural feature, the building got a nickname - The Flat House. The same reason serves as a basis for mystical properties and sometimes the edifice is called the Witch’s House.

Certain date of construction of this building is unknown. It is supposed that the house was built in the end of 19th century, and its first residents were courtiers of count Vorontsov whose palace still stands nearby. Moreover, the history conceals the name of an architect, who designed this Odessa architectural masterpiece.

According to the most common version, explaining unique peculiarity of the building, the architect faced the lack of money during the construction, so it was decided to adjoin two lateral walls and save some money on the back wall. Nevertheless, there is one more explanation – a lack of land and impossibility to violate the historical facade of the street. That is why the architect was obliged to use such a non-traditional structure of the house.

The House with One Wall is notable not only for its exterior. Despite being of great age, its tenants keep its old interiors intact: hammered handrails, marble staircases, flawless stucco work on the ceilings.