The house of Inber

The majestic Baroque, somewhat impersonal by the hand of the Soviets, continues to adorn the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya and Elizavetinskaya with a majestic crown - a four-story C-like perimeter with a three-tiered niche (originally painted) of a beveled outer corner crowned with a massive dome of a complex profile and three entrances dominates the surrounding buildings.

The main décor of Inber's tenement house is concentrated on the external facades, the richness of which is made up of French rustic materials of varying degrees of elaboration of the three lower tiers, sandriks with cartouches - the second, archivolts with a lock - the third, and the broken line of the casing of the box arches - the upper one. At the same time, forged elements of balconies, caryatids of an angular cut, an archivolt pattern of a niche and molded high-relief leaves deserve special attention. The structure is crowned with a profiled cornice with a large offset on paired modilions and a forged parapet lattice.