Avenue of Stars

Odessa is rich in its cultural and historical heritage, unique attractions, excellent humor, and of course gave the world a large number of outstanding personalities. Here lived and worked outstanding personalities of culture, art, literature, music, thanks to which Odessa has become known throughout the world.

Opening of Avenue of Stars was dedicated to 220-anniversary of the founding of Odessa. 

It is a tradition to perpetuate the names of famous citizens of Odessa, who made an invaluable contribution to the cultural development of our city. The first personalized plate is devoted directly to the city – star "Odessa". Among other well-known inhabitants of Odessa are: Anna Akhmatova, Yuri Olesha, Isaac Babel, Mikhail Zhvanetsky and Kira Muratova, Leonid Utesov, Sasha Cherniy,Sviatoslav Richter and others.