Sport airfield-club Hydroport

Sport aerodrome “Hydroport” is working on the base of the flying club “Odessa”, located 2 km from Odessa, between Hadzhibey and Kuyalnitsky pond.

The aerodrome is a ground flight field, prepared to perform flights and parachute jumps. At the sports airport “Hydroport” based trikes, airplanes, paragliders, airplanes and helicopters, there are places for parking lots and technical maintenance of incoming transit aircraft.

Also performed flights on Thermal Balloon (Air Ball). At the aerodrome, various sports competitions are regularly held: parachute, model aircraft, radio-controlled car models (there is one of the best route for radio-controlled racing cars in Ukraine), flights of radio-controlled aircraft models are conducted.

The territory of the airfield can accommodate up to 15 thousand people, there is an opportunity to use for concerts and other mass events.