Paintball club Dragon

Paintball is a powerful charge of vivid impressions, adrenaline, drive and simply stunning emotions. Club “Dragon” is not just a playground where you can play paintball in Odessa - it is a special world with its own course of life and time.What is the grandiose significance of the playground on which the game will unfold? Boring monotonous area with scant shelter is unlikely to inspire someone to an impressive game. At the same time, a vast area with trees, abandoned buildings, improvised shelters, trenches, etc. can make the game so exciting that you can hardly force yourself to stop playing paintball and take a break until the next confrontation.The paintball club “Dragon” has taken care of creating a unique atmosphere, equipping the playground with everything necessary. At the polygon of the paintball club, you will find everything you need for the game; the organizers will provide you with the necessary equipment for your safety.