Equestrian Club Ivanhoe

The equestrian club “Ayvengo” is a unique place for active rest and training in horse riding. The club is located in the resort area of Odessa, not far from the Black Sea.

Experienced instructors of the equestrian club “Ayvengo” will teach you to steadily keep in the saddle, to manage the horse with observance of all safety rules. If you want to learn how to ride a horse correctly, it is better to start with individual exercises in the arena under the guidance of an experienced coach: he will deal with you directly, immediately correct errors in planting and riding techniques. For young children, the club can offer pony lessons.

In the equestrian club “Ayvengo,”classes are held in three groups:

- The first group is for beginners, during the lessons the safety of riding is explained, the riders learn how to clean and saddle the horse, walking and go trotting.

- The second group is engaged in driving a step, trotting and preparing for a gallop, the raising of a horse in a gallop is being developed.

- The third group means mastering the skills of riding with all the gaits.