Wild catacombs

The underground world of Odessa is great and diverse. We offer extreme excursions to the “wild” catacombs (catacombs, as they are).You will see how the famous Odessa rokuschnyak was extracted. You will find out about the underground history of the city. Our guide will tell you unpretentious urban stories about smugglers and about honest citizens, with the hands of which this world famous city was created. 

The excursion routes have several levels of difficulty, so it will be interesting to experienced “underground walkers” and people who first decided to get acquainted with the world of underground Odessa. You will be given the opportunity, under the supervision of experienced specialists, to try yourself in the underground orientation (by maps of catacombs and marks on walls). All guides have received special training and have extensive experience in carrying out these activities.

Reminder: for a tour (during the summer) it is necessary to take warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes – there is a constant temperature of 14 degrees.