Mechnikov National University

Odessa II Mechnikov National University is the leading scientific and educational center of modern Ukraine, the first higher educational institution in the southern region of the country. The origins of university education in the south of Ukraine reach the beginning of the XIX century, to be exact, in 1817 - the time of the founding of the famous Richelieu lyceum. At first the lyceum existed as a closed educational institution for the children of noblemen, but at the beginning of the third decade of its existence, thanks to the reforms of the trustee D. M. Knyazhevich, the lyceum on the structure and content of education approached the university system. The famous scientist NI Pirogov gave impetus to the transformation of the lyceum into the university, in the mid-1850s he held the post of the trustee of the Odessa academic district, and the process was completed in the next decade.

Since its inception, the university has been one of the leading places in the formation of the education system, in the development of scientific research and culture in Ukraine. It is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine and together with the Kiev, Kharkov and Lvov universities, in fact, determines the state and prospects for the development of education, science and culture in the educational network of Ukraine.