Odessa National Economic University

Odessa National Economic University is one of the leading and oldest economic higher educational institutions in Ukraine. It was founded in 1921 in a building where the Odessa Commercial School named after Emperor Nicholas I was previously located.

In 1931, the country carried out credit reform. In this regard, the Odessa Institute of National Economy (OINH) was reorganized into a credit and economic institute (OKEI). In 1966 OKEI was reorganized into the Institute of National Economy, which became a broad-based center for training and retraining economists for industry, construction and agriculture.

According to the results of accreditation in 1993, the institute was assigned to the highest, IV level of accreditation.

Esteemedly estimating the achievements and merits of the collective of the Odessa Institute of National Economy to the state, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its decision of August 13, 1993 created on its base the Odessa State Economic University (OGEU). The International Personnel Academy of the European Center for Higher Education and the Joint Council of European Universities has noted OGEU as one of the top 10 educational institutions in Ukraine, which train the most qualified specialists.