Odessa School of Art and Culture named after K.F. Dankevich

Odessa Musical College was founded in 1897 at the Odessa branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society. The basis for it was professional education, which began in Odessa in the 60s of the XIX century, when music classes were opened at the "Society of Music Lovers in Odessa", led by the famous Ukrainian composer P. P. Sokalsky, and the music school at Society of Fine Arts. In 1984, the Odessa School of Music was named after the prominent Ukrainian composer, pianist, major music and public figure, a native of Odessa, who headed the Odessa Conservatory - K.F.Dankevich after the war.

In 1997, the school solemnly celebrated its 100th anniversary. In the same year, a combination with the Odessa School of Culture took place at its base.

Today, in the first department, the school prepares specialists in the specialty "Musical Art" specializing in "Piano", "Choral Conducting", "Singing", "Theory of Music"; in the second department (full-time training), specialists are trained in the specialty “Musical Art” with specializations “Orchestral String Instruments”, “Orchestral Wind and Percussion Instruments”, “Folk Instruments”, “Estrada”, and “Variety Vocal”; at the 3rd department (full-time training), specialists are trained in the specialty "Folk Art" specialization "Folk Song Art", specialty "Choreography" specialization "Classical choreography", "Folk choreography", "Modern choreography".