National Library

Odesa National Scientific Library is one of the biggest treasuries of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Odesa City Library, which was the establishment of 13 (25) in September 1829 became the first public library in Ukraine.Library changed its "registration" several times during its history. Thus, two rooms in the premises of official place on the Primorskiy Boulevard were given to it primarily, and later library is located in a building that was specially built for it, which is now the Odesa Archaeological Museum. However, as the municipal library funds was constantly increasing, it needed a specially equipped building.

Today Odesa National Scientific Library is located at str. Pasteur, 13 in a building constructed in 1906 by the famous Ukrainian architect F. Neshturkh based on the best examples of library buildings in Europe.The facade of the main building is made in the style of "Greek Revival" with Empire-style motifs and modern elements.Bas-relief in the form of strings, alternating triumphal wreaths placed above the portico. Above them, the architect placed the six magnificent female figures - caryatids that hold books and wreaths of wisdom and knowledge in the hands.

In ONSL kept national treasures - more than five million documents: books, manuscripts, periodicals. Due to the large number of rare books (more than 200 thousand) and manuscripts the World catalog «Museumsof Book and Bookmaking» (Museums of Book and Bookmaging International Directory -.. M., 1987) includes expositions of Department of rare books and manuscripts, in particular Slavic written language monuments, as well as more than 2 thousand manuscripts XII-XIX centuries. Significant place in the funds belongs to the collection of miniatures (more than 1,5 thousand copies), a rare materials of regional studies that reflect the history of the South of Ukraine. The pride of the library is a book collection "Ukrainika", funds of art literature and literature in foreign languages.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Odesa National Scientific Library. All of them have an opportunity to get documents and information through a system of reading rooms, to enjoy open access funds. At their disposal, there is reference and bibliographic apparatus, electronic databases, electronic and traditional (card) catalog, Internet center. Odesa National Scientific Library is constantly introducing new technologies and searching for new forms of work with readers, in order to guide each user promptly and precisely in the information space.

The Library seeks to preserve its cultural tradition and offers users to become familiar with it as an object of events and cultural tourism. Today Odesa National Scientific Library is the leading social and cultural center of the South of Ukraine. The library often hosts various art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, meetings with writers and journalists, master classes; there is intellectual club of oratorical skill, courses of the English language with the possibilities of practice speaking. This is a real area of intellectual communication, not only for the students and modern youth, but also for the older generation.

The library is always glad to new readers and invites to get acquainted with a wide range of its information services and opportunities.