The Fialtov Institute of the Tissue Therapy of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after V.P. Filatov of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was established on April 4, 1936 (Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR No. 632) by the efforts of an outstanding ophthalmologist, academician Vladimir Petrovich Filatov.

Over a period of more than three quarters of a century, the Institute has had a tremendous impact on the development of Russian ophthalmology and the development of world ophthalmology. Tissue therapy, corneal transplantation, the use of a laser in ophthalmology, the complex treatment of eye burns, the use of high-frequency electric welding in ophthalmology - these are actually the epoch-making achievements of scientists of the academic school of academician Filatov.

In many areas, which were developed during the academician V.P. Filatova, the Institute remains the leader. This is a corneal transplant, diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, and, of course, ophthalmic oncology - here the championship of the Institute is undeniable. Ophthalmologists from many countries of the world come to adopt the experience of Ukrainian specialists.

The Institute’s activities are well known, not a single world and European congress on ophthalmology is complete without representatives of the Institute, and the name of its creator, Academician Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, has been included in the Hall of Fame of World Ophthalmology for outstanding discoveries and achievements.

Scientific traditions, unique specialists, successfully developing relevant areas of modern practical medicine have turned the Institute into a global brand.