Odessa Maritime Academy

The National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" is the best higher marine educational institution in Ukraine, having international recognition and authority. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is accredited in accordance with the IV (highest) level.

All engineering specialties of the University are accredited by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) of Great Britain. The last accreditation of engineering specialties was carried out by IMarEST in June 2018. Validity period is 5 years. The specialty "Navigation" is accredited by the Maritime Institute (NI) of Great Britain.

OMA is an authoritative member of the International Association of Maritime Universities. Scientists and teachers actively participate in international forums held by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at the United Nations, the world's leading marine training and scientific organizations.

For the years of its activity, OMA "OMA" has trained about 40 thousand specialists for the sea fleet of the former USSR, Ukraine and 45 foreign countries. 8 graduates were awarded the title of Hero of Labor, 5 graduates became laureates of state prizes, 10 - honored workers of education and science of Ukraine, over 300 graduates were awarded with the "Honored Worker of the Navy" badge.