Israeli Cultural Center

Israel Cultural Centers operate under the Embassy of Israel and provide to all interested persons information about the country, its laws and the life of the modern Jewish state. In general, their activities are aimed at strengthening ties with the diaspora. 

In the centre various educational programsare held; national holidays and dates are celebrated.  The staff of center consult  and communicate with every person who is interested in obtaining information about Israel. In Ukraine, ICCs are located in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Odessa.

There are Hebrew courses in ICC with groups for beginners, with intermediate and advanced knowledge as well as special groups of Level 2 for those who want to learn the language more intensively. Regular course - 4-5 months. Those who attend Hebrew courses, are free to attend PC courses. 
Courses are for everyone, education is free. 

Israeli students club ICC (students from Israel who study at universities in Odessa) invites Israeli students to meet each other, sing songs together, dance and discuss problems.

Library of ICC has Russian-language books and books in Hebrew by Israeli writers, there are newspapers, magazines, music, movies. Something you can take home, something is only allowed to work with in the reading room. All is free to all comers. A identity document is needed. 
Members of the Youth Club, which includes people up to 35 years old, celebrate Jewish holidays all together.

Sunday School for children from 3 to 9 years offers children to learn drawing, dancing, learn about the history and culture of Israel, and, of course, to study Hebrew.

In addition to permanent projects, the Israeli Cultural Center in Odessa organizes or participates in various cultural events aimed at popularization the Israeli cinema, literature, etc. Announcements of the events  are on the ICC website.

Consular receptions are held in the ICC. You can get information by a phone.