Georgian Cultural Educational Center

Georgian school -studio " Iberia " was  created in 2002 in Kiev. Founder and artistic director - Manana Sulakvelidze .

IBERIA is an ancient Greek name of Georgia. And our "Iberia" is a small particle of our beloved homeland .

Our goal is to serve to development and strengthening of friendship between Ukraine and Georgia. To acquaint the Ukrainian people with the Georgian culture and its traditions. To this end, joint concerts are held annually under the title "The Wreath of Friendship ."

To teach the children living in a foreign environment , away from their homeland , their native language. To familiarize with the national culture and creativity of their historic homeland. Here in the studio school " Iberia " the children really  feel that they are natives of the most beautiful country and are proud of it.

In our studio school we teach children from Georgian families , and intermarriage ones. Many of them were born in Ukraine.

We believe that they should know the language and culture of their parents and ancestors. The children learn the letter and the Georgian language, history , religion , folk dances and songs. We organize open days for the public.

Our teachers are highly professional experts who give their children all the warmth of their souls. School-Studio " Iberia " united not only children but also adults who find here the atmosphere and the spirit of Georgia on Ukrainian territory. For 6 years we have done a great job. Over the years we have trained more than 100 children. We understand that not all of our students will become future artists, but believe that they will keep in their souls the traditions, love, warmth and hospitality inherent to the Georgian people .

In the main part of " Iberia "  there are 50 children . The team has been actively involved in the cultural life of Ukraine, performes at many concerts, as well as supports close ties with the Georgian Embassy in Ukraine. It has become a tradition for  " Iberia "  at the end of the school year, at the Independence Day of Georgia on May 26,  to show 2 -hour concert called "Georgian soul." We will be glad to see you at our school and in our concerts.