Greek Cultural Foundation

In the heart of Odessa, near the Grecheskaya square, Odessa branch of the Greek Cultural Foundation is located. The main goal of center is to spread and popularize Greek language and culture.

Various exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, conferences, musical concerts are held in the Greek Culture Foundation. For example, Odessa architect Alexander Glazyrin visited Greece, made a series of watercolors and in the halls of Foundation organized the exhibition. Photographer Alexander Tsvetkov noticed Greek breath in architecture of Odessa - and the photos were exhibited at the Foundation.

- The branch has courses of Greek language, a four-year study. 
The branch is an authorized examination center for the Greek Language Centre of the Ministry of Education of Greece, where the annual examinations are held,  and if examinations are successfully passed, a Certificate of proficiency in Modern Greek language of appropriate level is issued.

- The branch has a library with reading room. The library has a collection of books in Greek language, as well as a collection CD with the Greek contemporary, folk, sacred and classical music, a selection of films and documentaries of Greek production, and CDs with the lessons of the Greek language.

The Greek Cultural Foundation in Odessa has chamber choir "Ellada " and the ensemble of Greek dance "Neotis". " The choir consists of students of schools and colleges, students of HEIs. The basis of the repertoire are choral works of Greek composers, folk music. The team also performs Ukrainian and Russian compositions. The ensemble's repertoire includes more than 20 dance compositions from the Greek folk dances.

Museum "Filiki Eteria" (from the Greek "Society of Friends"). It was the name of undercover revolutionary and patriotic organization, which fought for the independence of Greece in early nineteenth century. Museum exposition tells about its activities, as well as of the Greek colonies in Odessa at that time in whole. A separate room of the museum recreates the interior of the famous mayor of Odessa, a Greek-born Gregory Marazli, i.e. the house of that Greek  at the first half of the nineteenth century.