Bavarian House

All great started out of small. In 1993, theBavarian House (Odessa) was primarily a meetings center of ethnic Germans of Black Sea. People met at the country cottages. But even then an important goal was the Ukrainian-German exchange. Today, the Bavarian house, as it is called by citizens of Odessa, is the educational, economic, cultural, linguistic and social center. To date, almost 11,000 Ukrainians became students of German language courses in BHO. A total of 4,600 teachers (5-8 representatives from each school of the region) were trained in the prevention and fight against AIDS. In their turn, they have raised awareness about the danger of infection at classes with all students aged 13 to 17. Recently established coordination center, as well as mobile medical and psychological aid at the regional AIDS center, supports helping HIV-infected people.

Since 2005, the Bavarian House operates without subsidies, despite the fact that the volume of tasks grows, the organization offers consulting services in the field of economy  for long. Subsidiary company "Ukrainian-Bavarian Management Trainingcentre (UBMT) maintains and provides consulting support to investors and entrepreneurs in the context of ever-expanding trade ties between Germany and the Odessa region. "But we will never forget that we are supporting many people in their everyday life" - says the director of BHO Maria Degtyarenko.

Bavarian House (Odessa) offers: Education center: language courses (German, English, Russian, Ukrainian), seminars on the economy, skills training, master classes in the social and cultural fields. 
Economic center: entrance to the market for investors, seminars for senior staff and Ukrainian businessmen, opening businesses, staff training, office services and translations, business management. 
Cultural center and meetings center: festivals, exhibitions and much more; choir and orchestra concerts in Ukraine and Western Europe. 
Language center: German language courses in cooperation with the Goethe Institute.
Social work center: medical aid on BHO social station in Novogradovka, large projects on HIV/AIDS prevention,"self-help" support.