Odesa branch of the Ukrainian Union of Poles named after Adam Mickiewicz

Odessa has a rich history, closely related to Poland. According to Jan Długosz, the first Poles appeared in outskirts of Odessa in 1415. Jagiełło transported wheat to the country from here. Odessa was founded in 1794. Italians, Germans, French and Poles became the first inhabitants of the city. The Potocki, the Branicki, the Sobański built their palaces here. Polish doctors, lawyers and scientists lived in Odessa. Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Józef Ignacy Kraszewski were here, Adam Mickiewicz was in exile in 1825. Polish architects F. Gonsiorovsky and L. Vlodek left their mark on architecture.

In 1990, the Polish Cultural and educational society named after Adam Mickiewicz was founded, the founders of which were N. Sharlevich, S. Zayonchkovskaya, V. Beletska, P. Makhnach, M. Olshanskaya, L.Petrasik, V. Zedrov. Since 1995 the official name is Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Union of Poles named after Adam Mickiewicz.

In 1995-2017 Tadeusz Zalucki was a chairman of the board, and now he is the honorary chairman.

The purpose of our organization is to spread the historical and cultural heritage, to cultivate Polish traditions, to learn Polish language and to strengthen the sense of national identity among younger generation.

In our organization we hold such events as:

Saturday-Sunday school, in which everyone can learn Polish language, as well as Polish history and culture.

The choir "Polskie kwiaty" has a rich repertoire of religious, patriotic, folk and entertainment works.

Theater studio named after Aleksander Fredro

Youth theater studio "Polot"

Youth ensemble "Kolorowe jarmarki"

Children's creative studio "Krakowiaczek"

Handiwork classes "Kreatywne Mickiewiczuwny" and "Knitting needles for good deeds".

We invite everyone who loves Odessa to visit us or you can contact us on the Internet.