Planeta Kino IMAX and 4DX

The main feature of the cinema - hall IMAX and 4DX room. Besides these rooms there are 4 digital screens to show the film in 2D and 3D formats. At the same time in these rooms also have the latest 3D system. At the same time we can take 1300 visitors! Sessions begin every 15-20 minutes!

The whole complex has 6 screens:
• IMAX hall for 439 places;
• 4DX hall with 160 seats;
• Large 3D-hall for 214 seats and the usual 14 VIP-places;
• Three rooms for display of 3D-films 120 ordinary seats and 12 VIP-places.

Action by the ticket office, where you can always:
• Buy a personalized 3D-glasses (for those who buy tickets online);
• Print the electronic tickets;
• Get a free ticket on the day of birth;
• Buy tickets for bonuses;
• Get your tickets if you have invitations or certificates;
• Perform pre-purchase of tickets.

Services offered Specialized Service, and in the Odessa theater Tairov provides promoter.