International festival of Odesa song "For all Odesa"
13 August — 15 August 2020

From 13 to 15 August 2020, the First International Festival of Odesa Song "For All Odesa" will be held at the Summer Theater of the Seaport.

Famous performers Garik Krichevsky, Valentin Kuba and Felix Shinder will take part in the festival.

The festival will last for three days.

Festival program:

August 13, 19:40 - Odesa song festival "For all Odesa" - "Sea of ​​talents" and a special guest - Valentin Kuba.

August 14, 19:40 - Odesa song festival "For all Odesa". Big concert of two stars: Garik Krichevsky and Valentin Kuba, klezmer band "Mother's Children".

August 15, 19:40 - GALA-CONCERT with the participation of Garik Krichevsky, Valentin Kuba, Felix Schinder and the group "Money Forward", as well as other popular artists.