18 Aug Opening and closing of the stage of the national race series Theater Square

22 Aug —  26 Aug Vyshivankoviy Festival for the Independence Day of Ukraine

Primorskiy boulevard

and Potemkin Stairs

22 Aug —  26 Aug International tap dance festival «Odessa Tap festival» City venues

24 Aug Everyone is Your child, Ukraine

Odessa City Garden

25 Aug Pump-track Challenge "Pump Track Competition in Cycling"

Velomoto Extreme Park "Shkodovaya Gora"

25 Aug —  26 Aug Wine Festival in the City Garden

City Garden

26 Aug 3-d international athletics sports event Odesa Half Marathon 2018

The event is held with the aim of popularizing and promoting healthy lifestyles, developing sports tourism, informing, stimulating the growth of sports achievements in the broad masses of the population of Ukraine.

29 Aug —  9 Sep Art festival

Odessa Opera House

31 Aug —  1 Sep Festival of street theaters

City Garden,  Deribasovskaya str.

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