Odessa Zoo

Odessa Zoo - an integral part of the cultural space of the city, one of the oldest zoological parks in Ukraine.

The idea of creating a zoological park appeared in 1889, but plans of implementation were realized only in 1922. The main merit in the creation of the park belongs to Henrich V.Beizert, Norwegian by origin.

For the first time the zoo was founded on the seafront near the palace of Count Vorontsov. In subsequent years, he has changed its location: it was in the botanical garden and  on the Zoo street, there was even a mobile menagerie, and finally, in 1938, was opened at its current location, near the famous Odessa Privoz.

During the war, the animals remained in the city, it was impossible to take them out. Henrich Beizert stayed with pets, trying to save the animals with all the forces . In2 days after the liberation of Odessa, the zoo was reopened. For that moment, it contained 30 species of mammals and 21 species of birds.

At the zoo housed a unique nursery of rare species of birds of prey and owls of southern Ukraine, where the chicks are prepared to life  and later released into the wild nature.

For the young nature lovers the zoo regularly hosts thematical festivals, where you can spend your time having fun and advantage.

In the zoo every year a lot of pups of rare animals are born. It became possible due to the active work on a complete set of pairs, full feeding and comfortable maintenance pets.

In May 2013 Odessa zoo was accepted into the ranks of the Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums.