Istanbul Park in Odessa - a modern picturesque park with an area of ??2.7 hectares with a landscaped area, which has already become a popular holiday destination for Odessa citizens and tourists.

Guests of the park with interest get acquainted with colorful park areas, a fountain, comfortable playgrounds and sports grounds, enjoyed the diversity and colors of the amazing landscape.

The park on the slopes of Primorsky Boulevard existed from the XIX century, experiencing the best and worst times in terms of accomplishment. In recent years, the square was abandoned and in 2013 the city authorities conceived the idea of ??reconstructing it for the 20th anniversary of sister-city relations between Odessa and Istanbul. Since then, the park is called Istanbul Park.

In the park are planted flower beds, which are repeated by the Turkish national ornaments. In the process of reconstruction, trails of gravel were laid, all the slopes were covered with a green lawn and equipped with benches, lighting was carried out. The highlight of the Istanbul park is the central square, on which is located a fountain, a cozy gazebo and a small pump-room in the oriental style. To assess how much the park has changed, at the entrance from the Dumskaya Square a structure is installed in the form of two ships with the flags of Ukraine and Turkey, and between them there are fishing nets with photos of the park before the renovation. For the comfort of visitors in the park, informative signs with a plan of the territory are located everywhere, free Wi-Fi and toilets are provided.

The long-awaited opening of the Istanbul Park took place on May 26, 2017 with the participation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. Also at the opening of the renovated park arrived an honorary guest - Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbash.

An unnamed grotto, artificially made from a savage stone in the 1890s, during the reconstruction of the park turned into a fountain called the "Grotto of Diana". Initially, the grotto was a drainage system, which drained water from a nearby fountain. With the development of the water supply system in this function, the need for the mainsail became an unusual park object, which locals and guests of Odessa liked to climb.

Since 2017, the renewed Grotto of Diana is the main attraction of the Istanbul park. Near the fountain there are continuous photos, visitors wait patiently for their turn to take a photo and throw a coin.  In the lower part of the Istanbul park for children there are several playgrounds with various swings and slides.

In addition to playing areas, there is a running track in the Istanbul park and there are two sports grounds for wresting - street gymnastics. Here children and adults can be engaged.

The park is ideal for family picnics, romantic walks and reading books. There are many benches and little tables with benches, and even if you do not get seats on the bench, you can settle on a green lawn.